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Blue Butterflies


Clouds all around in sky,
Waves, way too high
Rumbling sea aches again
To take everything
and end all the pain,
With rage thunder screams,
end it seems,

But no casualty,
It’s all kept inside
with a bit of difficulty,
Everyone moves around
taking lively faces,
carrying carefully within them
personal apocalypses,
To them in the rough sea,
To those who can’t see,
Further in this smoke,
Just hang on to some hope,

You’ll be raging thunder,
You’ll be ravishing blunder,
You’ll be all that’s fierce and powerful,
But just a request,
someday ,
After being a powerful tsunami,
If you could please,
Be a small river for once
With some flowers,
on its bank
and few blue butterflies
dancing over them.

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A Writer’s Dilemma


Do you remember?
When one evening
In front of a saffron sky
being a little shy,
You asked me

“What else can you give me other than poems?”

I looked at you
then to the birds flying
between the cotton candies of rain,
Drinking water before it even fell
I tried hard but in vain,
I had no answer then.

Today I am again
in front of a saffron sky,
but welcoming the sun
rather than saying goodbye,
A bit tired by the night long
conversation with the moon
On how are you?
Where are you?
Why you went away? and all.

I am still trying to find the answer,
of that question in the evening,
till this morning.
As I write “Poems are my life”
on a paper, I think.
What else could I have given you?

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She: I won’t fit anywhere.

He: Why so?

She: I am like a weird rock. A rock that has been cut by time and emotions in such a shape that it won’t fit anywhere.

He: *thinks for a bit* But I’ll manage you.

She: You won’t be able to cut yourself according to me.

He: Ah, I won’t do that, I’ll be the clay. I’ll mold.

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You Smiling


Winter’s day fog all around

when the whole world is lost.

Then the sun shines,

paths are shown,

many roads to walk on.

Everything makes sense,

blissful is that trance.

It happens to me,

every time I turn to see,

You smiling.